September 28, 2003 in Friends

A Good Time Gone Bad

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I was totally hung over for most of yesterday. I guess I had one too many vodka tonics the night before at Tilli’s. For any of you out there who think I drink too much, well I don’t. Ok, maybe last night I had a bit more than usual, but considering that most drinks average about $7 each, I typically don’t have more than two when I go out. In any event, after nursing my hang over for most of yesterday, I met up with friends at West Town Tavern. Yet another great restaurant by Susan and Drew Goss who once owned Zinfandel. We actually met both last night as one of my friends is a friend of the Susan. Overall, I had a great time at West Town Tavern. The atmosphere was wonderful and the food was just incredible. All of us cleaned our plates. After dinner, we decided to go dancing at Betty’s Blue Star Lounge. What a horrible mistake. When we got there, the place was pretty empty. So we lounged around and talked for a while with the hopes that things would pick up. During this time, these two guys came to our booth and sat down with us. Total cheeseballs. I was so annoyed and turned off by the conversation that I just wanted to get up and walk out. Around 1am I couldn’t stand it anymore so I told my friend who really wanted to dance that I was going to leave. She got upset as we hadn’t even danced yet. So I stuck around a bit more and followed the group on to the empty dance floor. Around 2am we finally left. Thank goodness. I left the club scene behind in my twenties and I have no intentions of going back anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I like dancing. But the crowd last night was just way too young and scantily dressed. That’s so not my scene.

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