September 18, 2003 in Work

A Day at Marshall Field’s

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The network was down again today. Thankfully, I had the good enough sense to call work before going in. So I lounged around the apartment and watched Oprah. Feeling restless, I called the office and found out that two of my colleagues were going shopping again, so I decided to go in to work. Once there, we walked over to Marshall Field for some serious browsing. In that my two colleagues had never been to Marshall Field’s famous restaurant the Walunt Room, we had lunch there. After a leisurely lunch and some more browsing along State Street, we walked back to work. Finally the network was back up. However, I had somehow managed to lock myself out and after two hours IT was unable to get me back in. So for three days straight, I was unproductive at work through no fault of my own. Fugh!
After work, I headed back to Marshall Field for the free Poi Dog Pondering concert which was followed by a 15 minute vertical fashion show. While listening to Poi Dog Pondering, Brooke Burke from the E! Network walked by as she was the MC for the fashion show. The fashion show was pretty cool in that models wearing the latest styles were strapped to a harness and walked/danced down the side of the 11-story building. After the fashion show, I headed back into Marshall Field to check out the festivities. I hadn’t really planned on it, but I just followed the crowd. Once inside, I found out that Nicholas Sparks would be signing copies of his latest book: The Wedding so I got in line for my own personal copy. After getting my book signed, I walked around the store and got tipsy on free champagne and apple martinis. To top off the evening, I got my handwriting analyzed. So not a bad day after all. Marshall Field’s really did a great job of creating buzz for their newly reinvented flagship store on State Street. The store was packed all day long.

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  1. September 19, 2003 at 10:40 am


    I LOVE Marshall Field’s! I make my aunt buy me the Frango mint chocolate candies and ship them to me all the time. I have ZERO self control and plow through like 3/4 of the box before calling it quits. So much for rationing until the next shipment…kinda piggy of me…

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