February 8, 2003 in Dating

A Chore Boy

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It’s one of those crazy nights on AOL. Then again, not really. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten this type of request.
Ital2srve [7:42 PM]: hello Miss…intrested in a chore boy?
ME [7:43 PM]: a chore boy?
Ital2srve [7:44 PM]: yes to do household chores,wash car,massage feet etc…..
ME [7:45 PM]: what do you get out of it?
Ital2srve [7:45 PM]: just to clean your shoes and smell and kiss your nylon feet
ME [7:47 PM]: don’t you want more?
Ital2srve [7:47 PM]: just to be treated poorly
ME [7:49 PM]: That’s kind of sick….
Ital2srve [7:50 PM]: why
ME [7:50 PM]: well you want to be treated poorly….shouldn’t you want to be treated well? with respect?
Ital2srve [7:51 PM]: no Maam …i want to serve at an Ebony Goddess’s feet
ME [7:52 PM]: why an Ebony Goddess?
Ital2srve [7:52 PM]: i just want to serve an Ebony Queen
Ital2srve [7:52 PM]: i feel that she might treat me a little worse
Ital2srve [7:54 PM]: what do you think
ME [7:55 PM]: a little worse?
Ital2srve [7:55 PM]: yes
ME [7:55 PM]: why?
Ital2srve [7:55 PM]: because i am white
ME [7:55 PM]: so
ME [7:56 PM]: well? explain yourself….
Ital2srve [7:57 PM]: i just thoughta black woman would enjoy using a wht boy as her slave
ME [7:59 PM]: what makes you think that?
Ital2srve [7:59 PM]: just do
ME [8:00 PM]: have you experienced this first hand?
Ital2srve [8:00 PM]: no Maam
ME [8:01 PM]: so what made you decide to try me?
Ital2srve [8:02 PM]: just found your screen name through a profile search
ME [8:02 PM]: have you had any takers on your offer?
Ital2srve [8:03 PM]: only a couple but i do not think they are serious
ME [8:03 PM]: why not?
Ital2srve [8:03 PM]: maybe they think i am not serious
ME [8:04 PM]: You’re a freak
In case you’re wondering, what’s in my AOL profile, read below. Nothing there indicates that I would enjoy being a dominatrix. Basically, he sent IM to me because I was black. How annoying!
Name: UBEE (black female/32 yrs old)
Location: Chicago, IL
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies & Interests: Books, Movies, Restaurants, Antiques & The Great Outdoors
Occupation: Business Development for Accounting/Finance Consulting Firm
Personal Quote: Of all the chat rooms on the internet in all the world….he had to type his way into mine!


  1. December 27, 2005 at 2:35 am

    Chicago BDSM Lisa

    No doubt the racial angle is unfortunate. As far as being a dominatrix, it has its merits.

  2. February 9, 2003 at 11:08 pm


    You’re probably right. Usually I just ignore these bozos but I thought I would try and figure out if the guy was really serious. Looks like he was. This being black history month, perhaps he thought he was doing his part by offering his brand of reparations. Whatever his reason, I was totally offended. I could see if I had said something in my profile to encourage… oh well! That’s AOL for you. The freaks do come out of Saturday nights.

  3. February 9, 2003 at 4:09 pm

    Leigh Hanlon

    I can see why the IM was annoying — and how the racial angle is troubling. It’s entirely possible that because the guy gets off on being dominated, he was hoping to goad you into a conversation of that type. In other words, if your exchange hadn’t terminated with your assessment of “You’re freak,” he was probably hoping that you’d continue saying things that would excite him. In fact, any negative comments of any sort that you’d have made would have been stimulating.

  4. February 9, 2003 at 12:31 am

    Leigh Hanlon

    Never send a Chore Boy to do a man’s job. This looks like a task for Big Wally or Mr. Clean. I think both these guys have scrubbing bubbles, too!

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