February 12, 2003 in Personal

800sq Feet

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Another hard day at work. I spent most of the time on the phone being rejected. Cold calling these days is not much fun! You learn early on in your sales career that it most often is never personal, but it’s hard when you hear no so many times in one day. So I’m sitting here trying to relax by watching The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All. I should be downstairs doing laundry (I haven’t done it in over a month) but I have no energy. I need someone to take care of me. Hmmm, maybe I just need to get myself a maid. No, not the chore boy type. A real maid — someone to come in once a week and help me keep things straight. I’ve been thinking about it, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Having grown up in a poor working class single family household, it just doesn’t seem right. I only have 800sq feet to keep in order. But I definitely need help. For petes sake, I still have my (fake) christmas tree up.

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