December 1, 2003 in Current Events


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40 Million and counting. That’s how many people in the world are living today with HIV. This is such an unreal number that it’s frightening to think about it sometimes. While there is a concentration in certain areas of the world and certain segments of the population, HIV/AIDS affects people of all races, religion, and socio-economic status. So I ask all of you out there to educate yourself and be compassionate to those who may have it. Also, to make smart choices when it comes to your own body. And finally, to support the various charities out there that are trying to help people with this disease as well as those working towards finding a cure. One charity I wish to highlight that has a global audience is Project 46664 which gets it’s name from Nelson Mandela’s prison number. “46664 is a vital campaign to help fight a tragedy of unprecedented proportions that is claiming more lives than the sum total of all wars, famines, and floods,” said Mr. Mandela. Support the cause in any way you can! 30 Million have already died from this awful disease.

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