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Former President Clinton will be at Barbara’s Bookstore near University of Illinois at Chicago on July 1, 2004 signing copies of his recently published autobiography: My Life. Is anyone out there going? Asking as I’d like to get a signed copy. I am willing to pay a fee so, please email me if you seriously plan to be there. Thanks!


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    Deshigrrl: thanks for the information. Guess I should have checked into going sooner. Damn!! Guess, I’ll need to try and score one via Ebay.

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    ursula, i am planning on being there, but it isn’t as simple as you think. in order to get his signature, you have to have bought his book from barbara’s book store and when you do that they give you a ticket to the signing. you can’t get in without a ticket and i believe the tickets are all gone. also, they are only selling one book/ticket per person and he will only sign one book per person and only the book (no personalizations or other memorabilia). last i checked they had 800 tickets left and now the website says they’re sold out. sorry to disappoint you but you can check her for yourself:

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