July 5, 2004 in Dating

36 Hours of Bliss

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I was suppose to go to a parade yesterday, but I was so upset that my younger sister kept me waiting for 45plus minutes when she lives 5 minutes away from the train stop, that I stormed off and just went back home. I needed to get my head together as Racquetball Guy would be in town for about 36hours and I wanted to shake all negative thoughts from my head. This was not an easy task since this was the second day in a row that my sister kept me waiting. Oh well! By the time Racquetball Guy showed up I was in a better mood. We were suppose to go see Siperman 2, but we postponed until the next day. Then this morning, I had the most delicious cinnamon rolls at Ann Sathers. Totally blew by low carb diet, but they were to die for! Later we went to the movies to see Siperman 2 which was a lot better than I expected. In fact, I agree with most critics who indicate that it’s better than the first one. One thing that surprised me was the Siperman was unmasked. So wondering, was this done in the comics? Well, I suppose it doesn’t really matter. The story line as well as special effects all came together to make a great movie.

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  1. July 7, 2004 at 2:23 pm


    Re: Spider-Man unmasked in the comics —
    Spider-Man issue #12, May 1964 (to site the first instance I thought of, by none other than Doc Ock himself…)

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