August 1, 2011 in Blogs

30 Day Blog Challenge Participants

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The 30 Day Blogging Challenge came together quite quickly. Via Google+ on 20th July, I asked my extended network of friends, if anyone was still blogging and more importantly would they be willing to participate in a 30, 60 or 90 day challenge.

I also asked on Facebook as well. You see, after the family reunion, I’d hope to start daily blogging again but the words just didn’t seem to come. So I thought I’d look for a blog challenge that was getting ready to start. Unfortunately, timing was off and thus the idea to start one of my own.

What’s been amazing is the response. In a matter of two weeks, I’ve pulled together 10 other participants. No it is not a large number, but it’s big enough and I’m really excited. Participating in this journey are friends I made during the early years of blogging, former classmates, colleagues, new associates and friends from the early part of my life. There blogs include:

All About George
Enjoy & Exciting
Girl Geek in Training
Le blog d’Olivier Lecerf
Marilyn’s Design Studio
Theo’s View of the World
Truly Caribbean Woman
Whirl Girl Wanda

Also participating is my good friend Carlos Butler from Chicago who is blogging via his Google+ account. Finally another former work colleague who has agreed to join the challenge when she gets back from holiday on 20th August. Sure it’s halfway through the challenge, but better late than never right?

Anyway, be sure to check out these blogs through the month of August. The focus of each is quite different and I’m sure they’ll each make good reading.

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