March 13, 2005 in Entertainment

25 Best Sports Movies According to ESPN

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For anyone out there like myself who has signed up to Blockbuster Online or Netflix and are now on a never ending quest to find “good” movies to add to their queue, consider those on ESPN’s list of the 25 Best Sports Movies. There are a few notables missing (i.e. the first Rocky movie, Rudy, etc.), but it’s a very good list. So go rent and enjoy!
1. Hoosiers
2. Raging Bull
3. Field of Dreams
4. Bull Durham
5. Caddyshack
6. The Natural
7. Chariots of Fire
8. Jerry Maguire
9. Seabiscuit
10. Remember the Titans
11. A League of Their Own
12. Eight Men Out
13. White Men Can’t Jump
14. Major League
15. Tin Cup
16. 61*
17. The Hurricane
18. The Color of Money
19. Finding Forrester
20. The Rookie
21. Ali
22. Bend it Like Beckham
23. Cobb
24. Rudy
25. Searching for Bobby Fischer

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