For nearly three weeks, no contact from either Basherter or RacquetBallGuy. Then in a space of a few hours, both initiate contact. Neither conversation is particularly warm and fuzzy!

The one with Basherter was quite reserved and the one with RacquetBallGuy was quite strained. But he did disclose that he got the job in London so he is moving here next March if not sooner.

Now considering that he’s been trying to move here for years, I’m pleased for him but I have to admit that I have mixed feelings. As I’ve alluded to before, part of me just wants to close this chapter of my life because can you ever really rekindle the romance with an ex when the circle of trust has been broken? I just don’t know.

Yet another part of me wants to make a final attempt to explore if we can properly court again and progress things further. Surely living in the same city will help tremendously. This has been the major challenge in our last few attempts to date again.

Oh, why are matters of the heart so complex?

Anyway, the first real clue about whether or not the flame really still burns for both of us will come in October when he visits London. And so here is me hoping that the next few weeks speed along. I find all this uncertainty unsettling and in a way prevents me from properly exploring other opportunities.

Oh I do hope I’m not being foolish by waiting. But I’m just not very good at juggling multiple men at the same time! 🙁

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