If I had no more time…

Ever since my Mom’s death 14 years ago, I no longer get weepy over celebrity deaths. Yes, I feel for their families, but there are lots of wonderful people who die every day who despite their greatness aren’t getting wall to wall coverage after their death. Now I don’t begrudge the celebrities or their families for this coverage, I’ve just gained perspective. Meaning, if you love or really admire someone, best to tell them or make a public declaration when they are alive — and Alicia Key’s song Like You’ll Never See Me Again brings that point home. That said, RIP Bernie Mac.

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  1. Seems very bizarre that someone in this day age, someone moneyed no less, could die of pneumonia. Seems suspicious to me.

  2. He had sarcoidosis which I think contributed to his death. Are you suggesting there might be more behind the story?

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