What Credit Crunch?

The last few months have left me frustrated with work. So I’ve been trying to think of an alternative ways to may a living without having to work 14+ hours in the city. Thus, after some extensive research, I’ve put together a business plan with a view to presenting to the bank for the loan. I’ve been a bit weary as with the economic downturn, I know that the lending criteria have tightened. Thus, I was a bit surprised and most pleased that after about 30 minutes with my bank manager, I walked away with the loan amount requested. She herself was a bit surprised by how quickly it all happend and even ask: “what credit crunch?”
Now I just have to execute on the plan — the first part of which will be to confirm to my boss that I am definitely quiting my full time job. So frustrated have I been with things that I quit before I even knew the loan was approved and for a week now, management has tried to talk me out of it. They actually gave me a few days off with the hope that I’ll change my mind after a period of reflection. But no such luck, I am definitely going through with Plan B. I have no dissolutions about the difficult road ahead, but for once, I’m doing something for myself. Thus, if I’m working 14+ hours a day, I’m doing it to buid a better future for myself, not to make some large corporate even more profitable.

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