Home Sweet Home

My aunt’s good friend who I stayed with for nearly five months tells me that now that I am on the property ladder, I will become more attractive to men. Thus I need to be mindful of those who might be a bit too eager once they find out I am a home owner. Not sure I agree with her jaded view, but I suppose time will tell. In any event, here are some photos taken of my new home sweet home.

  1. Jealous of your fireplaces, new appliances, and the door in your kitchen. Also, that bathroom is about 20 years newer than mine 😉

  2. When I wrote up a wishlist for my new home, I was hoping to have at least one room with a fireplace. And after seeing 40+ places, was doubtful that would be a reality. However, this place has 4 (living room, dining room, main bedroom & second bedroom). The one in the living room works, the others are mainly decorative at this point.
    As for the new appliances, that was a must. Particularly since I don’t know how to fix anything. This will have to change with time as I can’t afford to call in a tradesman everytime I need something fixed.

  3. How wonderfully exciting! Congratulations!

  4. Your home looks gorgeous, warm, and cozy. It’s just fantastic. 🙂 Congratulations to you and choo choo!

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