Finding the Perfect Wardrobe

Dark stain mahogany style furniture is out of vogue here in England. How else to explain that after two months of searching at the various high street furniture and antique shops I have yet to find a suitable wardrobe to match my existing furniture.
Almost all furniture is in a light stain and to make matters worst, a lot of it is flat pack furniture (think IKEA) which for me is an absolute NO NO! I need something that is going to stand the test of time. So now searching via eBay. Hopefully, I’ll be able to source something in the next month or so as seeing my hanging clothes still in moving boxes is threatening to send me over the edge. However, can’t bring myself to comprise. I mean seriously, what were the English thinking by embracing so much disposable furniture? Goodness!

  1. oh, you have to cross the channel then – Germany is crazy with big dark furniture, and I’ve heard that Belgium is “Da Bomb” for that.

  2. Going abroad to shop for furniture is so tempting. Particularly since I’ve haven’t really been anywhere this year. I need to go on a real vacation.

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