Your 15 Minutes Are Up!

I am all for reality TV stars getting their 15 minutes of fame, but after that is over, they need to go away until they acquire some serious talent. Case in point is Jade Goody whose claim to fame was being in the 2002 UK version of Big Brother. She then goes on to earn millions of pounds exploiting the fact that she is an airhead.
Now 2007 comes around and she foolishly joins the cast of Celebrity Big Brother where she proceeds to bully and make prejudicial remarks against an Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. Wisely, the British public voted her out last week and her career is in free fall. Now we must suffer through countless TV interviews and newspaper articles where she begs for forgiveness. Oh please! Enough is enough. Just go away quietly. Take some time off and deal with your anger and insecurities. Until that happens, most of us out here are not interested in hearing anything you have to say.

  1. She’s the turd that did that? Good! She deserves it! Thinking she can belittle others just because she’s got an ounce of stardom.

  2. I’m trying to decide if this is better or worse than LaToya Jackson being allowed to carry weapons on Armed & Famous. So bad you couldn’t even make it up.

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