Modern Day Fairy Tales

My outlook on dating is not exactly positive at the moment, but I couldn’t help but smile when I read via The Snippet, lessons for dating in the modern world. The advice with a fairytales twist offered by Wendy Paris, author of Happily Ever After is as follows:

Rule 1 from Cinderella: Don’t let past bad luck cloud your vision of a brighter future. Have the courage to believe in a better life.
Rule 2 from The Princess and the Pea: Whoever you are, you are somone’s ideal. Hold out for the person who sees you as theirs.
Rule 3 from The Little Mermaid: Don’t turn your back on your beliefs trying to “win” someone over. IT’s not a victory if you lose yourself.
Rule 4 from Fairies: Hold yourself to the highest standards no matter how lowly a particular activity may seem.
Rule 5 from Thumbelina: Wait for the person who feels right to you not your friends or family.
Rule 6 from Grace and Derek: Don’t let a bad experience with one person make you suspicious of the next.
Rule 7 from Beauty and the Beast: Focus on seeing the best in people, not the worst. You never know how a relationship will evolve.
Rule 8 from Bluebeard: Don’t make people prove their love. Commitment tests and truth traps create suspicion, never devotion.
Rule 9 from The Fisherman and His Wife: Don’t fish for external solutions to internal problems. NO amount of money makes up for a mediocre match.
Rule 10 from Sleeping Beauty: Don’t give up on love, even if it seems lik you’ve been single for 100 years. The length of time it takes is no reflection on your worth or appeal.

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  1. I agree, it’s a great book. I own it and everytime I feel a bit down or lonely I grab it and read a story.

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