Nappy Hair

When I first decided not to the perm again my hair some years ago, I did so manly because I was fed up with the cost of going to get my hair done every two weeks. Plus no matter how mild the perm was, I’d always end up with burns to my scalp. So natural it was. Well really braiding it was. Now five years later with one misstep that had me starting over two years ago (I got it straighten with a hot comb and some didn’t snap back), I’m pleased with the look, feel, thickness and length of my hair.


By the way, I actually did the braiding myself. It took about 3 hours.

  1. Wow…nice picture. I think you look great with the braids.

  2. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wow, I do not have the patience to braid that neatly. Very nice!

  4. In looking at recent pictures on your Flickr photostream, I’ve often thought to myself how lovely your hair looks; this entry reminded me to actually tell you that: your hair and the styles you wear are really really lovely!

  5. Thanks everyone for your positive comments. This is one of my favorite hairstyles as I can do it myself and it will keep for a week or two.

  6. Hi – I found your blog through the Blogs By Black Women webring. The thickness and texture of your hair looks exactly like my 2 year old’s hair. Does you hair feel very soft and kind of spongy?
    What kind of products do you use to wash, condition and moisturize your hair?

  7. It does feel soft and spongy. As for products, I don’t really have a standard. Truth be told, I tend to buy whatever is cheapest. Perhaps not the best way to go about things, but that’s what I do. You might be able to get better feedback/recommendations via — it is a site for black women who are wearing there hair natural.

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