Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

From previews, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip appears to be a more intense version of Sports Night. Thus, it’s good to see that I won’t have to wait for the show to do well in the States before it’s shown here in the UK. According to Wikipedia, More4 has the rights to broadcast simultaneously in the UK. Yippee!!

  1. Remember that guy last year who ran over a cabbie in your old neighborhood in Chicago? It’s just NOW going to trial….he’s trying to plead self defense.

  2. Self defense? Anyone who heard the argument and commotion that happened afterward would know that his argument is totally laughable. The guy was in his cab and went going back and forth over the deceased several times. Plus even if the other guy had a weapon which I serious doubt, he could have easily gotten away as he never left the drivers seat of his cab. As such, here’s hoping that some of my former neighbors have come forward as witnesses to help the jury reject his flawed defense.

  3. Back on topic… 🙂 JC and I saw the Studio 60 pilot over Netflix this weekend…it was REALLY good. We were both disappointed that the next episode is still a month away.

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