Gasoline Prices

For my fellow Americans who might be bemoaning the fact that they are paying $3 a gallon for gasoline, consider the fact that most European drivers have it a lot worse. Here in the UK, drivers pay 90 pence for a litre of gas. Americans pay 36 pence for that same litre.
Note: 1 litre = 0.26 gallons. Today, 1 U.S. dollar = 0.561892454 British pound.

  1. Yeah. This has always been the case. What we REALLY need is better public transportation (which Europe has MASTERED), better city/neighborhood planning, and of course alternate sources of fuel.
    Americans groan about this all the time, but environmentalists have been telling us for many, MANY years that a situation like this AND global warming would come if we don’t adjust our expectations and behaviors. We were told. We did not change. We can not expect a different outcome.
    I can say this because I take the train to work every day!

  2. All the European cities I’ve visited so far(Prague, Barcelona and Amsterdam) have great public transporation systems that are reasonable priced. London also has a good transit system as well, but its rather expensive. I know, what else is new about this city!?!

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