Britain’s £50bn a year addiction to gambling

In some American neighborhoods, you are likely to find not only a church but a liquor store on almost every main corner. Well here in Britian, you are more likely to find a betting shop on every high street, sometimes two or three. The net result is that more and more people are gambling. In fact:

Britons gambled £50 billion last year – more than the state spent on defence and transport combined. That represents more than £800 for every man, woman and child and is a seven-fold increase on the total gambled in 2001.

Wow! I guess this is good for the economy, but I have my doubts about how positive this is for our society in general.

  1. Damn, up 700%, looks like Blair is driving your economy right into the drink! 50 billion pounds, wow.

  2. That’s already happened. British people on average drink more alcohol than another other country in Europe. This is boozer nation.

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