Being A Fuddy Dutty

I am currently being an old fuddy dutty. I say this because I can’t bring myself to buy anything at the itunes store to put on my ipod. I had planned on purchasing a few books, but to my dismay, the prices for the audio versions are no different that the price of a paper book. And for an avid book collector like myself, I’m only willing to spend the big bucks on the paper versions. So I guess I need to spend the time going through my 50+ CD collection. Its the only way I’m going to find material for my ipod shuffle.

  1. I feel your pain girl. It’s just not worth it, have you tried searching for podcast to put on yer ipod, I listlen to them on my way back and forth to work on subjects of interest. I’m sure you can find something out there.

  2. I’m just the opposite! I compulsive download music to my iTunes and I am impatiently waiting to purchase an iPod big enough for my collection.

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