Home for the Holidays

Last night when I walked through the door, I was all set to go ahead with the trip to Rome. However, once I started packing, I began to feel tired and so I stop. I call the whole trip off. I’m disappointed in myself for not going, but thinking I’d be even more disappointed if I went there and didn’t get to do much. So leaving the Rome trip for next year.
So instead of flying today, I lay on the couch and watched movies. This includes Ray and my all time favorite, Lawrence of Arabia. Later I plan to watch, It’s a Wonderful Life.
With that, from Choo-Choo and I, here’s wishing everyone out there who celebrates, an early very Merry Christmas.

  1. May you have peace, joy, and happiness in the new year.

  2. Aw, cute pic! Merry Christmas, Ursula.

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