Google Adsense: What Not To Do

Apparently I’m an example of how not to use Google Adsense correctly. Currently trying not to get too pisses off as I did give the ok to use my site and his assessment is partly true. But I do wish the author had been more transparent about the fact that he intended to paint my usage in a negative light. Oh well! He did at least give me credit for putting the ads close to Choo-Choo’s picture.
Update: I’ve make a few changes to my usage of Google Adsense. Most significant is adding some Google Ads above the fold; actually, right under my banner. Not sure I like it, but will leave it there for now. In the interim, must go shopping. I’ll have to leave mastering the art of making money through my blog for a later day.

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  1. Too awesome! You’re famous again!

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