Make It A Double

Harriet Miers’s withdrawal as a Supreme Court nominee makes me happy. She was an able woman, but by no means the best (not even the 100th best) candidate for this position. As such, I hope President Bush has learnt his lesson and will pick someone more qualified for this lifetime appointment.
In the meantime, I can’t wait to find out who among the Bush Administration officials will get indicted re the CIA leak investigation. I typically don’t wish this sort of misery on anyone (yup, that even includes those on the political right), but when you are as arrogant and reckless as those within the Bush Administration, you deserve to be brought to your knees. As such, thinking one or two indictments will do the trick.

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  1. For a news junkie like you, it must be killing not to be in the US these days. It looks like the new SCOTUS nominee is the pander to the base guy I expected. This guy is probably worth filibustering and testing the Senate compromise assuming that the country doesn’t fall in love with this guy. With this guy, Bush gave up on strict constructionism, putting a woman in the seat, putting an “outsider” on the court, keeping the court in balance, and picking a guy without a paper trail.
    Sorry we weren’t home this weekend. We’re talking about disconnecting the home phone soon, so feel free to use the cell phone or work to call me.

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