War of the Worlds

Seeing War of the Worlds so soon after the London bombings was not my best idea. Despite the fact that the reason given for the war itself was not really clear, the almost annihilation and destruction of the earth (really certain parts of America), made me scared beyond belief. It also makes me wonder if there really are other civilizations out there watching and waiting to come and descend on us. I only hope that is they do, they come peacefully. If not, I only ask that their reason for violence be clear. I can’t stand senseless aggression or a war without purpose or conviction for that matter.

  1. Ursula,
    I hope that you are getting back to whatever “normal” is going to be in London these days.
    My aunt (almost 80) from New Mexico is flying over to England for the first time this coming weekend, for two weeks. We’ve told her that it’s up to her whether or not she wants to sightsee in London or just stay out here in the countryside and Oxford area with us. We’ll see what she decides to do.
    Stay strong…

  2. And then there’s the problem: THAT MOVIE SUCKED!

  3. Just saw the news again….r u ok?

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