Two Explosions in London Underground

(9:30AM)For anyone wondering, I am safe and sound. However, getting home tonight might be a bit of a challenge. The entire London underground network is shut down. So are much of the overhead rail lines. Hopefully, things will be back up and running but as the story of what happened is still unravelling, it might end up being a long trek home.
Update (10:53AM): It is getting more serious. Several buses have blown up. So I’m now thinking this was a terrorist attack. As such, there is no way I am getting on a train or a bus tonight. I am walking all the way to Wimbledon.
Update (11:00AM): Another bus has blown up. It may not make sense to walk home. So for now we stay in the building. However, its two buildings down from the London Stock Exchange so I’m trying my best not to freak out.
Update (11:29AM): Discussion going on about whether or not to leave the bulding. There is a rail station below.
Update (11:35AM): In the middle of all this madness, colleagues from a different division are thinking of taking the Eurostar to Brussels.
Update (11:41Am): Apparently there are more bombs in the subway. We are leaving the building.
Update (2:11PM): I’m home safe. A million things running through my mind. Will write more later. For now, I just want to go curl up under the covers.

  1. I was wooried about you. As soon as I found out this morning from CNN, this is where I came. From your description, CNN is under-reporting the size of the “attack”.

  2. Ursula,
    When I heard about the explosions I just wanted to make sure you were ok!
    Thanks for the updates.

  3. I stopped by to check in on you too. We are all thinking of you and all of London. Stay safe.

  4. I just read about the explosions on Like Carlos, this is the first place I came. I’m glad to know you are ok. Please keep up posted.

  5. I was wondering about you too. Glad you are safe,

  6. Thank God you are OK…I heard about the attacks on the way to work. Welcome to London.

  7. So very glad you’re okay! I’m so removed from live media that I just found out about this now…appreciate the updates…

  8. Good to know you’re OK Ursula, I sent you a mail trying to check in.
    DragonSlayer- is a better source.

  9. Glad to hear you’re ok and are home safe.

  10. I can imagine that since you are still somehow a stranger in London, this affects you even more. It is natural that you are in a state of shock, but from what I can gather from tv, thanks to emergency plans and the famous english stiff upper lip, the situation was well coped with. At least one positive thing in this nightmare. Hope you will feel better soon!

  11. (((((HUGS)))))
    deb in Washington State
    (and I used to live near Wrigley Field)

  12. Glad to hear you are ok! Stay safe.

  13. I’m so glad you’re OK.

  14. I’m glad you’re safe. I’m really glad you’re safe.

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