Missing July 4th Celebrations

It’s July 4th and I’m at work. I know, I know, somewhat blasphemous. I should have taken the day off, but as I hadn’t made any alternative plans (I was suppose to be in Paris), I decided it was best to just come in to work. Sitting around at home, thinking about barbeques and fireworks would just be too depressing. Goodness! I guess I am starting to miss Chicago a bit. On a positive note, I will get to see some fireworks later this year when the English celebrate Guy Fawkes night.

  1. happy 4th of july ursula!! 🙂

  2. We never managed to see fireworks either, although we heard them. It was a rainy 4th in Chicago…which is not to say it sucked or anything, ’cause it didn’t…but it was not a great day for the typical 4th activities!

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