London Weather

It is customary for the English to complain about the weather and I promised myself I wouldn’t do it….at least not for a while. But the recent increase in the temperature as well as humidity has me pining for air conditioning. Goodness! My apartment is almost unbearable and something tells me that even if I could open all the windows it wouldn’t really matter. There is no breeze.

  1. Can you get one of those units to put inside your apartment? It’s not a window unit, it’s not a big, bulky thing. It plugs into the wall and really is almost like a fan except that it cools the air down more than a fan does. Barring that, you can always get a towel wet with cold water and hang it in front of a fan. Make sure you have something to catch the water dripping from the towel and you don’t put it directly on the fan but if you can rig up something like that, it works. When I lived in Seattle many places didn’t have a/c either and this is one thing I would do in my apartment.

  2. The trouble is that space is an issue and in that I would only be using it for a few weeks a year, I haven’t purchased anything yet. But should this heat wake continute, I’ll definitely have to get something.

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