Choo-Choo Speaks

My best guy friend wrote the following note on behalf of Choo-Choo. I thought it was so clever that I decided to post in a note all of its owns. Thanks best guy friend!!!!

Hi, Mom. So that’s where you ran off to! I’m having fun here in the states. The suburbs look so different then the city did. My foster home has another kitty! Can you believe that? Problem is that she’s such a pussy. I try to say hi, and she runs off to one of her supposed “hiding” spots. Like I don’t know where she is. Kinda sucks though. I used to have my run of the house, but now I mostly have to stay in the basement. At least now, they put in some kind of temporary fence, so I can see the humans.
Things were really exciting on Tuesday. There was a big party, watching some reality show, and everyone came downstairs to hang out with me. Lots of new people to rub up against!
So, when do I get to go to London? The humans have been telling me all about it. So far the closest I’ve gotten is when the humans are watching the Pistons play basketball. When Ben Wallace does something good, they ring a “Big Ben” gong, and I think of you. can’t wait to see you again. Cherrio!

Cherrio Choo-Choo! Mommy can’t wait to see you soon.

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  1. That is so sweet. I’m sure you miss Choo-choo terribly but it’s reassuring to know that he is with some lovely people.

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