Dreaming of my first love

I’ve been dreaming about my first love. This is not surprising as whenever I have relationship problems, he always pops up in my subconscious. So I thought of calling his mother’s house back in Boston to try to track him down. However, I am resisting the urge because said guy was (probably still is) no good for me. We dated for much of my junior year in high school but things went south once I found out he was engaged in activities that I just didn’t feel comfortable being around. I did continue to speak with him, but our communication was infrequent. Then during Christmas holidays my freshman year at Michigan, he called my house collect from prison. I was disappointed but not surprised. After that, he would write me at college and I occasionally wrote back. He also continued to call collect during subsequent holidays when he knew I would be home. Our last conversation occurred during Christmas break my junior year when he begged me to come visit him in prison. That I simply could not do. I felt bad, but since he would not tell me what he had done to put him there, I just could not put myself through the indignity of visiting him in prison — even if he was my first true love. So we lost touch. However, I still think of him. How sad.

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  1. You’re not alone with those thoughts.

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