Music CD Cases

So I’m in the middle of organizing my apartment and I’m thinking of purchasing a cd storage binder and throwing away for the cases for my music cds. From a collectors standpoint, is that sensible? Part of me doesn’t really want to, but as my music collection grows, I really don’t have the space for all the cd holders.

  1. I just threw away tons of jewel cases from old games and it felt. They take up so much damn space. As for your music collection, you can always hold onto to the front and back cover of the CD case and keep a few jewel boxes around in case you want to sell a few. Or you can just digitize your whole collection and sell the lot of them.

  2. I own over a thousand CDs and I could never bring myself to throwing away the cases. At the very least (like Andrew says), hang on to the booklets and assorted paperwork that comes with the disc. But that’s just me — I’m a liner notes freak.

  3. I’m having the same dilemma with my DVD collection. I’ve got almost 300 and I’m running out of storage space. I’m planning on buying a DVD “jukebox” that stores 400 and then put the cases in the closet (or the basement) out of the way. i’m having a hard time just throwing them out…what if I need them later?

  4. As the owner of many, many CD’s and DVD’s, I confronted the same problem a few years back. Part of the challenege was that I knew whatever I bought I would eventually outgrow. So I needed tofind a company that would manufacture the same unit or one in a similar style for years to come. I stumbled across this company I bought one of their media cabinets and I couldn’t be happier. Have never had a single problem, the case locks, which is nice, and now that I am about ready to buy another unit I know I can get the same one or something that will fit modularly with what I already have.

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