Internet Scrabble

Let me introduce you to my new favorite pastime — Internet Scrabble. Oh yeah!! I have played about 30 games live online so far with people from all over the world and I am oh so loving it.

  1. admit it – this is the real reason you haven’t had time to read more books. honing up on those scrabble skills so you can beat rg good. 🙂

  2. I’m with Ayaba: A vow to read more books then posting about online scrabble. Yeah you’re focused… heh.

  3. Well he entered me in a scrabble tournament and I was trying to brush up my skills. All the tricks of the game are coming back to me, but I’m a long way from being the type of player I was 10 years ago when I won that scrabble tournament.

  4. thanks for the link. it’s weeaallyy addictive!

  5. nice

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