Are You a True Chicagoan?

I’ve lived in Chicago for 10 years, so I do indeed consider myself to be a true Chicagoan.

True Chicagoan
You are a true Chicagoan! You’ve probably lived
here for a long time, or are thoroughly
obsessed with the city and its history.
Congratulations! Maybe you should run for

Are You a True Chicagoan?
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Quiz uncovered via Farkle Berries.

  1. Ursula, what is going on with The main page shows no posts and your calendar has no links.

  2. I am under serious attack from spammers out there and it’s affecting my site. Those bastards. I guess it’s time to upgrade again.

  3. Me too. I’m getting a new spam about every 5 mintues from the online poker nazis. Sorry to hear I’m not the only one.

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