Steering at the phone

Ever want to pick up the phone to call a friend but can’t bring yourself to do it? I am currently in this situation. I have fallen out of touch with this friend, but I still think about her, yet I cannot bring myself to call. It is just the weirdest thing. Maybe it’s because I feel really bad that she called some time ago several times and I never responded to the messages. Granted I was distracted with family drama but it’s still no excuse as to why I didn’t call her back. Yikes!!!! I can be such a bad friend sometimes.

  1. Just call. You’ll feel better.

  2. I know I would, but I just can’t seem to gather the words necessary to make an apology that would sound sincere enough.

  3. I’m totally with you on this one. I just got back in touch with a friend from whom I’d had a falling out more than a year ago. At any point in the last year I could’ve contacted her, but instead of picking up the phone I just sent emails to old addresses and thought positive thoughts. Getting back in touch with her was rough at first, but I hope will eventually be worth it.

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