So It Has Come To This….

I was thinking of making this a password-protected site as I learnt this past weekend that certain people who shall remain nameless are now frequenting this site. This inevitable will make me thing twice about what I write. But heck, I was already doing that anyway. So, I think I am going to hold off on that idea for now. In the interim, I will just continue to self-censor myself. I don’t want to say or disclose anything that could possibly be used against me or those that I love.
Update 10/19/04: In case anyone out there was wondering why I disclosed the fact that I know that these people who shall remain nameless were visiting my site, well I suppose I just wanted them to know that I know. And more importantly, that they were wasting their time if they were trying to find out what this person was telling me.

  1. you know if you’re hiding from the mob, you shouldn’t have a photo of yourself on your site.

  2. I’m not hiding from anyone. If I was, I wouldn’t have used my real name and posted pictures of myself on the Internet. But someone close to me is in a difficult situation at work and talking about that situation is not helpful to said person.

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