On A Emotional Roller Coaster

Had my mother not passed well before her prime, she would have been 52 years old today. On a more positive note, Racquetball Guy and I celebrate our 6 month anniversary today. So trying to remain upbeat but to say that I’m on an emotional roller coaster ride is a huge understatement.

  1. i know i’m just a stranger on the Internet, but i’m sorry to hear about your mom. it sounds like you’re continuing on, finding a balance. i hope Racquetball Guy is able to fill (not replace) some of the void left by your mom’s death.

  2. I think maybe all mothers die too early.
    Damn, I wish I had advice, but I don’t think I’m the one who can help you today. At least you aren’t alone, that’s gotta help some.

  3. i keep thinking my parent’s bdays would past w/o any sadness or emotional upheaval from me. believe it or not sometimes they pass and i don’t realize the date. when i do, i realize my mood was really shitty (up & down). i usally don’t know why ’til i check a calendar.
    i’m hoping there comes a time that their bdays past and i can take a moment, reflect, and keep on going (like i do when something reminds me of them) instead of sometimes biting some unsuspecting person’s head off.

  4. yeah so i said all that to say i understand what u mean. damn i’m long winded today.

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