Oprah’s Hair

The buzz earlier this week about Oprah, was that she game away $7million dollars worth of new cars on the premiere episode of her 19th season. Granted it would have been nice to be one of the recipients of the GM G6, what I really want to know is — whats up with her hair? Is she now wearing a wig or some sort of hair piece? Not that it really matters, but enquiry minds want to know. It looks fuller and a lot longer than it was last season.

  1. That’s a WIG, baby! I’m sure of it. Now, I’m a fan of wigs, so that’s no dis. But, yeah, wig. Much fuller than I’ve ever seen it.

  2. BTW, she did NOT pay for those cars–they were donated by Pontiac and they even paid for the tax and licensing fees–according to local NBC5. Seems she simply put it all together–with a great surprise. The fact remains however that she didn’t shell out squat for those cars and yet is reaping the credit.

  3. I love her new hair. If that’s a wig, I want one.

  4. I would love to know what type of wig Oprah is wearing!

  5. u are a great woman.GOD BLESS U

  6. Love the hair. If I can find it I will buy it. Just love tht look.

  7. Whether or not Oprah bought the cars is beside the point. Maybe she didnt buy the cars for her audience, she never said she did for one thing, and another thing, if it weren’t for Oprah making some kind of a deal with the car company the audience would not have received new cars in the first place. Bottom line, Oprah played a huge part in the cars givaway.

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