Seeking MT Help

I got someone to upgrade my version of movabletype from 2.51 to version 2.661. I did that so I could install MT blacklist plugin. Now when I try and rebuild my site, it times out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix?

  1. sorry can’t help. just don’t email j allen cuz he’s a asshole.

  2. Did you install Blacklist already, or is it just doing it with the new MT version (without Blacklist installed)?

  3. Yeah, blacklist is already installed and we’ve been able to get rid of most of the spam. But now, can’t get into blackist either — it’s just the weirdest thing and somewhat frustrated as I have no idea how to fix. Had it not been for the thousands of blog spam, I never would have upgraded. I hate messing with things I know nothing about.

  4. Get a faster connection. 🙂

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