34th Birthday

The next 24 hours are all about me. I’ll be celebrating my 34th birthday.

  1. Happy, happy birthday! It’s all about U(rsula)!

  2. Happy Birthday Ursula!!! May all your wishes and dreams comes true on this auspicious day 🙂

  3. Happy happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and many wonderful days to follow.

  4. Happy birthday!!! 🙂

  5. have a lovely birthday! (It’s mine also!)

  6. Have a happy (if Not So Secret) birthday!

  7. Happy birthday Ursula! Kick back and enjoy!

  8. Happy happy happy happy happy Anniversary
    Happy happy happy happy happy Anniversary
    Happy happy happy happy happy Anniversary
    Haaaaaaaaaappppppyyyyyyy Anniversary!!!!!!!!
    Happy birthday Ursula!

  9. Go Ursula!
    It’s Your Birthday!
    Go Ursula!
    Get Busy!
    I channeled the spirit of 2 Live Crew JUST for this occasion. 😀 Enjoy your day!

  10. I hope you have a completely wonderful birthday!!

  11. for the love of God, Ursula, be careful. I just ‘celebrated’ my 34th yesterday (the 10th.) And replace ‘celebrated’ with ‘drapped to hell and back by people purporting to be your friends.’
    God’s speed, little doodle.

  12. Happy Birthday, youngster!

  13. Ursula – hope you have a great day! Happy birthdaaaayyyy…happy birthdaaaayyy!

  14. Yeah, Happy Birthday.
    Clear Skies, Bright Stars to you.

  15. THanks to everyone for all the birthday greetings — they are much appreciated!!!

  16. happy belated birthday.

  17. Gah! I haven’t been reading blogs for about a week now and I totally missed your b-day!
    Happy very Belated Birthday Miss Ursula! I hope it was grand and that you have many, many more in the future!

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