The Amazing Race 5

I was cursing the fact that watching television in the summer time totally sucks because of all the repeat programming and bad reality shows — when I clicked over to CBS and saw that it was the season premiere of The Amazing Race – Season 5. Beyond Survivor, it is by far best reality show on the air. Here you have 11 teams of two people who are somehow related to one another trying to race across the globe with the end prize being $1 million dollars. So can’t wait for future episodes. Looks like they have some interesting characters on the show this season.

  1. tar or the mole would be the only 2 reality shows i’d even contemplate doing.

  2. Same here, Enigma. I love me some TAR-moley action.
    TAR/mole crossover show: Contestants race around the world, but three teams are just moles there to stir trouble and stop the other teams, even if it means they don’t win. 🙂

  3. I would do TAR in a heartbeat — but I’m too lazy to actually apply. I wanna have Phil’s transcontinental babies!

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