No More Afro Puff For Awhile

Yesterday I went for a trim, but instead I got a hair cut. All total I lost 4+ inches. While it looked cute, I freaked somewhat as I’m not use to my hair being so short. So I made an appointment to get micro mini braids. So that’s what I did today. I spent 8 hours in a chair, getting my hair done. I like the look so perhaps I’ll keep it for awhile and here’s hoping it doesn’t take too long for my real hair to grow back. I already miss being able to put my hair in an afro puff.

  1. Well make with the picture! I want to see the braids! So how long is your natural hair now? I’m interested in getting braids also, but afraid my natural hair will poof out. : /

  2. Hair is a wonderful playtoy. A cut, a grow, a do, and we become someone else while still remaining ourselves.

  3. well damn. i saw lost 4″ in bloglines and didn’t realize it was hair. doesn’t your head feel lighter?

  4. The concept of spending eight hours in a chair with someone tugging on your hair absolutely boggles my mind. But then again my mind is easily boggled.

  5. i am also thinking of going for a 4 to 5″ cut. i’ve been wanting to chop it all off & donate it to “locks for love”, but i’m afraid i cannot part with it yet.
    but, i need a serious change & i think i’ll make an appointment for later this week – thanks for giving me the kick!
    ps, where’s the pic!?

  6. Can you guys send me some history when,what, who, and how micros came along thanks and bye.

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