Everything Hurts

If you want to torture yourself, or burn lots of calories in a short period of time, take a spinning class. But be forewarned, that everything is going to hurt like hell the next day. Damn!
And oh yeah, another way to tortune yourself is to get on the scale every time you go to the bathroom. So frustating. I feel like I’m loosing and gaining the same 5 pounds over and over again. Double Damn!

  1. Only weigh yourself on the way out when you’re lighter.

  2. Now I know that urge to weigh yourself every time you pass by a scale but you really must stop torturing yourself like this. You can lose and gain the same 5 pounds each day merely on water weight alone.
    The best thing to do, (I KNOW it’s hard…yes, I do), is to weigh yourself once a week. Best to do it in the morning, when you first wake up as well.
    Seriously, try very hard only to weigh once a week, same time each week and you will see the results, know they are accurate and you will find yourself far more motivated that way than being really, really good one day and finding you still gained a half pound. (Water weight will destroy the motivation…don’t let it.)
    And on a side note…10 mile power walk? I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

  3. Go by the shape of your body and the fit of your clothes. As Serenity says, water and all sorts of stuff will change your weight daily.

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