Surprise Visit

Last weekend I saw Racquetball Guy for approximately 24 hours. This weekend — it was for 4 hours. He was in St. Louis to attend a funeral and he decided to come to Chicago to see me. So I’m really happy he made the effort. Now he’s back in St. Thomas. Poor guy. I get tired just thinking about all the travel he’s done these past few weeks. Having said that, there is a possibility that I’ll see him again later this week, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Particularly since we have front row Prince tickets!!! Ok, calming down.

  1. With the miles he’s racking up, when he gets away from the job, y’all can go on a good vacation for nada.

  2. I am BEYOND jealous. How did you score front row Prince tickets? Mind you I got Prince tickets too, but they are far from the front row. YOU ROCK!

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