Shrek 2

After dinner with a friend at Fiesta Mexicana, I finally saw Shrek 2 at the famed Biograph Theatre. I don’t think it was as good as the original Shrek movie, but there were many moments were I laughed out loud at all the pop cultural references. I particularly liked the Puss-in-Boots character that is voiced by Antonio Banderas. His over the top portrayal made me laugh the hardest. Now it appears with the success of Shrek 1 and Shrek 2, there will be a Shrek 3 and Shrek 4. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing but I’ll reframe judgment until I see them in the theatres in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Here’s hoping it won’t be like the Godfather series which should have stopped after the 2nd movie.

  1. I agree that 2 was a little less than 1. I think there should be at least 16 Shreks. Well, anyway, one more wont hurt.

  2. Shrek 2 was to die for! It was better than the first, that’s for damn sure. Antonio Banderas as Puss was probably the best part of the whole thing. But I have to say that to see Shrek in human form was not all that bad either. Everyone’s favorite ogre has a good-looking human inside of him? Oh yes, ladies.

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