After lounging around for much of yesterday, Racquetball Guy and I got our act together and went to see Troy. I almost didn’t want to see it since Roger Ebert sort of trashed it in his review last week. But thought I’d check it out since many other critics were giving it high marks. Glad I went. Granted it was over the top and the producer/director took poetic license with history, it was still a good movie and definitely one worth seeing on the big screen.

  1. While I’m thinking about it, would you (and Racquetball Guy maybe) like to go with us to see Super-size Me? Scott and I both want to see it…we’re thinking it’d be easier to find it somewhere downtown-ish than up where we are…
    Now, I say this, but I have no idea when. 🙂 We’re busy all this weekend and out of town next. 🙂

  2. literary license with history or mythology? they threw historical facts in with mythological characters or what?

  3. LOL @ Enigma

  4. Yes the movie is based on Homer’s Illiad, but it also relies on historical information for that period.

  5. i know it’s based on the illiad. interesting they would put some history in there mixed with mythological characters.

  6. From what I’ve read in reviews and such, it isn’t that they put history in with the mythological characters, it’s that certain details (architecture, clothing, etc.) were changed to that they weren’t consistent with what would have existed in the time and place Homer would have been describing in the Iliad.

  7. TsuKata,
    Racquetball Guy has already seen a bootleg version of “Supersize This.” Perhaps we can see something else together in the the near future.

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