His Reaction

Racquetball Guy and I spent about an hour yesterday talking about what he discovered while reading my blog. He was surprised by the fact that I was so open, honest and expressive about so many things in my life. And while he did advice me on being careful about what I reveal, he surprisingly encouraged me to continue blogging. One thing yet to be worked out is how much of our relationship I’ll blog about. Truth be told, probably not alot. While we’ve been on 11+ dates, I’m still very protective of the relationship.

  1. is this exclusive? or are u still communicating w/other guys?

  2. Yes we are being exclusive. He actually asked me to be his girlfriend after our 3rd date.

  3. So when will he start commenting. 🙂

  4. Extremely happy for you… Finding someone that we can share ourselves with is a wonderous, marvellous thing..
    Make sure you have lots and lots of fun 😀

  5. So….does he know you refer to him as “RaquetBall Guy”??
    I know what ya mean about having someone you know read your stuff…even though you are rather open on these blogs, I guess maybe when we start them we don’t think that someday someone is going to come along….
    Well, you have a good and fun blog and you are most definitely entertaining. I think he’s going to like it.

  6. 3rd date! wow, that was quick.

  7. Yeah, I initally thought it was too — but sometimes when you want something (in this case someone) you have to take a chance and just go for it. That’s what he did after the White Sox Game.

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