I spent much of today Sunday scrap booking. While I’m exhausted, I’m quite pleased that I completed 24+ pages in my Creative Memories album. Yeah for me! Now I’m tired and irritable as I think I eat something I’m allergic to. I’m breaking out and I’m feeling somewhat itchy. Hmmm. It might be time to make an appointment to get tested for allergies. I’m trying to think of what might have caused this latest breakout, but drawing a blank.

  1. maybe you’re allergic to rbg, lmao. sorry couldn’t resist.
    do you use the linked site as a guideline?

  2. ha ha ha! I am definitely not allergic to RBG.
    Also, as for Creative Memories, I use a wide variety of their products. One of my friends in a consultant for the company and so she has classes like once a month.

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