Is anyone else out there in Chicago trying to listen to AM 950 and getting a spanish station? Normally Air America is booming in, but this morning, I only hear spanish voices. Btw, I’ve been trying to call Air America and I keep getting a busy signal which is why I’m asking you folks out there in blogland.

  1. I was listening to Air America early this morning when they broke in to say that WNTD was discontinuing the Air America broadcast due to a contract dispute. Hopefully they’ll figure it out soon!

  2. Well that explains it. Major bummer. They got off to a great start so hopefully it won’t be long before they get back on the air. I suppose I could listen via my computer but in that I’m on the phone all day, would prefer not to have talking so close to the phone.

  3. if you check out airamericaradio.com, you can read about the dispute. it seems pretty fishy on part of Arthur Liu. I hope they get back on here. If not, I think calling and mailing (snail mail) Arthur Liu until he puts it back might help.

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