Losing a Parent

I woke up this morning ready to rant and rave about the fact that I ended up helping my younger sister move last night to her new apartment, however, after the phone call I received mid morning, I no longer have it in me. You see, Racquetball Guy’s mom died this morning. I was hoping that she would pull through as I was hoping to meet her someday but, I guess God had different plans. As I listened to him talk about the whole situation (which I won’t go into any details about), I couldn’t help but reflect on the circumstances surrounding my own mom’s death. It also made me think about my own mortality. Hopefully, I have another 50 years but one never knows. As such, I need to do a better job of living each day to the fullest. I also need to try and tell my family (really my two sisters) how much they mean to me. So even though they drive me crazy at times (like my younger sister did last night), I’m really glad that we have each other.

  1. i need to work on that living life thing. i use to.

  2. oh wow, that’s too bad…i hope your friend can get through things – it’s going to be rough. i spent yesterday with my family, spending some time with my grandma (recovering from her quadruple bypass).
    sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing & spend some time with family. it’s hard being so busy all the time, but it’s very worth it!

  3. Wow…so quick…I’m so sorry.
    I know that you are in a special situation of knowing what it’s like to lose your mom at a young age, and perhaps that experience will help here.
    All my best.

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