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I have yet to benefit from my membership to — yet I’m considering joining, a business-networking site. Thinking it might be easier for me to score contacts for business and my own professional development. Wondering, has anyone used this service? Or better, has anyone out there benefited from using In that they are the 300lb gorilla in the online networking industry, maybe I should give them a second chance. They do have 3million+ users so it would be good to hear from others who are having a positive experience. Maybe I’m missing something.
Update [3/2/04 @ 11:13am]: After Miss Ellen left comment below, I decide to just go ahead and invite some more of my friends to join. So we’ll see what happens. If anyone out there in blogland wants me to invite them to join my cirlce of friendship on, send me an email.

  1. hey, you’re on frienster? i gotta find you….heh, cool, just found you! frienster’s a gas. i haven’t had much come of it, aside from finding some old friends, but my roomie has found a few boys.

  2. Cool! I’m going to send a request to add you as a friend.

  3. I’m on LinkedIn; look me up. I’ve had one networking meeting based on it — nothing has come of it yet, but you never know.

  4. i dont really understand the whole friendster, orkut (is that right?) thing? is it chat? is it just a degrees thing what?

  5. Enigma, think 6 degrees of seperation. As of tonight, I’m connected to 87,892 people on, through my 7 personal friends. As my list of friends increases, so does my network. Thus, I could do a search and ask for an introduction to someone who shares a similiar hobby or who I think is cute. Not only do people write about themselves and their interest, but you also gets testimonals from their personal friends. Thus this is a safer way meeting new people.

  6. I just deleted myself from Friendster and Orkut today. They both proved pretty useless.

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